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Edit the audio output of several apps


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Voicemeeter is an audio virtual mixer that helps you simultaneously control and edit the audio output of up to three different apps.

The program is especially useful when you want to record podcasts, optimize video calls, create video tutorials or set up gameplays because it lets you capture and separate up to two voice tracks and an audio track from any program or game that’s running in your computer. So, you can easily adjust the different levels of each track separately to get an optimum recording result that’s completely customized and that can adapt to your needs.

Using Voicemeeter is really easy because it automatically captures any recording device and the program that’s playing the audio. Once you’ve selected whatever you want to capture, you simply have to adjust the frequencies in order get the best final result.

Recording and capturing internal and external audio tracks and maintaining a flawless quality level has never been so easy. Voicemeeter is an audio mixer that’s as efficient as it is easy to use.